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Extra Flat Underwater Projector

Made of white ABS. GY6 100W 12V AC halogen lamp. For proper lighting: we recommend using 1 unit for every 25 m2. With concrete stabilizer plugs, reinforced croissant, 2.5 M2 x 1.5 mm2 cable. 

Transformer not included.

Code Product Name Product Type Framework Weight (KG) Volume (m3)
00346Extra FlatEco 100 W (in reinforced concrete pools)Ø 2808,70,055
21626Extra Flat100 W (in reinforced concrete poolsØ 2808,70,055
21627Extra Flat100 W (liner pools)Ø 2808,70,055
35666Extra Flat100 W (concrete)RME pools with stainless frameØ 2808,70,055
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