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Nanofiber Cartridge Filter

Small size filter with self-cleaning function, offering high quality filtration between 5-8 microns designed for private pools up to 90m3 volume NanoFiber offers higher water quality thanks to its structure consisting of innovative nanofiber networks.

  • Easy to use
  • Reliable
  • Lower water consumption
  • Higher filtration quality
  • Compact
  • Easy to clean
  • Compatible with commercially available filtration systems
  • Cartridge replacement
Code Product Name Product Type Weight Capacity
67355-0100NanoFiber150 filter (10 m³/h)10.680.116
67356-0100NanoFiber180 filter (14 m³/h)10.680.116
67357-0100NanoFiber200 filter (18 m³/h)10.680.116
64837-0100NanoFiber150 filter (10 m³/h)9.680.093
64838-0100NanoFiber180 filter (14 m³/h)9.680.093
64839-0100NanoFiber200 filter (18 m³/h)9.680.093
65383NanoFiberFor 150 Filter1.580.022
65385NanoFiberFor 200 Filter1.580.022
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