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We have successfully built a custom Salt Room for Diss Hotel, located in Istanbul. Salt rooms are perfect for hotels offering customized services along with SPAs. Due to the increased popularity of salt rooms, many hotels now boast a salt room. Salt room therapy is commonly known as Halotherapy. Re
Ottoman Baths or Turkish Baths are recognized all around the world. Turkish Baths are the best SPA facilities with their peaceful atmosphere. Central massage platform, massage with bath-glove, hot waters, aromatic scents and soap massage are incredibly enjoyable and relaxing.  Turkish bath is
Turkish bath is a tradition and it calls for the utmost attention to detail when drafting the project. Turkish bath construction takes great attention to detail. Thanks to its team of professionals, Çilek Pool ensures delivery of your project in the shortest time possible. We have recently complet
Our sauna construction project for Beykoz Konakları was completed successfully. Thanks to custom-made wooden materials selected, the project now has an elegant look underlined with quality. Sauna services are now very popular in apartment complexes and mansions. Çilek Pool Co. offers the ut
Any pool project considered for hotels must accommodate the style, texture, and architectural characteristics of the hotel. Another significant point is to find the construction firm which places importance on these features. Project conformability must be reported after necessary surveys. The prio
The quality of the material used, an elegant design, technological infrastructure, and economic and fast maintenance services are indispensable factors if you want to enjoy swimming in a pool. In general, the construction work makes the difference for the pool. In-ground pools and above-ground pools
We have successfully delivered our Pool and Sauna Project to Ntt Group operating in Germany. You may find here the images from the project. Hygienic and offering healing powers, our saunas are peaceful spaces where you can get rid of the stress of the day.   We used custom lighting system
Bringing the Turkish history and culture to our times, Turkish Bath construction requires the utmost care to the detail from the first stage to the last one. Turkish baths must be built in a way that even the by-passers feel relaxed. The material must be selected carefully. Moreover, it is important