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During the 7 x 3 prefabricated swimming pool construction operations we carried out in Kurtkoy, Istanbul, our company is drilling and forming the reinforced concrete infrastructure and assembling our steel panels, placing the concrete on the feet of the steel panels fixed to the ground, filling the
The assembly of sauna lamps, sauna stove, large LED lighting and sauna door in the villas was carried out by our company. Abashi Eios was preferred as sauna panels and suspended ceiling was applied. We wish Mr. Mohamed and his family good use.
In our sauna project located in Tuscany Valley Homes, all plans and rendering of the sauna, sauna stove, LED lighting, and sauna door installation work was carried out by our company. Mediterranean pine wood has been preferred as saunas. Part of the glass of the sauna overlooks the garden and part o
In our Turkish bath project, which we have done in the thermal region of Yalova, all Wall plasters are thermal insulation in the bath and heating installations of the belly stone floor areas of the sitting group bath tiles and bath cunning bath taps bath ceiling and fiber optic lighting system and o
7x3 pool renovation works that we have done in Istanbul Sancaktepe Sinpas lagoon site the complete glass mosaics of the pool have been removed and the capillary cracks formed in the main concrete have been repaired with emaco repair mortar. 3 layers of insulation were applied by chamfering for cold
5x10 reinforced concrete swimming pool excavation in Istanbul Agva creation of reinforced concrete application of plaster screed and insulation application of poolside shower and poolside ceramics installation of pool treatment system and integration of salt generator into pool system all of these w
Istanbul Ömerli'de concrete swimming pool and Whirlpool system activities that we have done 3x2 11x5 to be taken of the creation of concrete, plaster, screed and isolation an application pool and poolside shower, by the pool, the implementation of ceramics in the system and establishment of the poo
Faruk Bey, who has a private property in Beykoz, was presented with 2 and 3-dimensional designs for the idea of a spa for the front porch of the forest. According to the approval, all areas of 75 m2 area such as concrete wall electric sauna steam room shower toilet and general warm ventilation were