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Stainless Pool Lamps

Projectors, all made of Aisi-316 steel. Supplied with connecting cable and pg16 - M25 cable gland adapter. For the LumiPlus PAR56 2.0 product line, we recommend 1 Use per 25 m2 to properly illuminate your pool. This advice is made for" white " color projectors, you should use more projectors if you choose RGB. For daylight and stainless steel pools, the number of floodlights used per m2 should be replicated. Floodlights should always be used underwater. Projectors should be used with stainless steel sleeves. Hive not included. It should be used with 54102 coded in concrete pools and 54103 coded stainless steel sleeves in liner / prefabricated pools. RGB models are compatible with LumiPlus Eco, LumiPlus Top, LumiPlus app LumiPlus Modbus.

Code Product Name Light Lumen Framework
54094RGB (27 W) 12V ACV11100Ø 250
54099---Ø 295
71659Whites (16 W) 12 ACV11485Ø 250
71660---Ø 295
54095Whites (16 W) 12 ACV11485Ø 250
54100---Ø 295
54092Whites (16 W) 12 ACV22544Ø 250
54097---Ø 295
71661Whites (16 W) 12 ACV24320Ø 250
71662---Ø 295
Pool Indoor Lighting Review