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Volcano Model Sand Filter

The lock lid is made of red laminated isophthalic resin and fiberglass. Complete with filter, pressure gauge, air relief valve and side multiport valve. Maximum working pressure 2.5 kg / cm2.

Code Product Name Product Type Weight Capacity
15785Volcano Ø 450 (1½" vana ile)8 m3/h160.20
15786Volcano Ø 600 (With 1½ "valve)14 m3/h230.357
15787Volcano Ø 750 (With 2"valve)22 m3/h320.595
15788Volcano Ø 900 (With 2"valve)32 m3/h481.003
15789Volcano Ø 1050 (D75) (vana hariç)43 m3/h972.052
15790Volcano Ø 1200 (D90) (excluding valve)56 m3/h1302.450
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