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Cost of Pool Construction

Havuz Yapımı Maliyeti

The fact that the pools are popular places to be especially in the summertime would be a health hazard if the pool is not maintained properly. Those with gardens are lucky to have the possibility to have a pool constructed for themselves. Pool costs may vary based on the type of pool and below and above ground application. As below-ground pools would require excavation work, this may add to the cost. And as any above-ground pool is ready-made and easy to install, this will reduce the costs. The size of the pool, the type of concrete used, tiles and vinyl material coating, lighting system, the motor and filters are among the factors defining the price.

Pool Construction Costs Per Pool Type

You will need to decide on the type of the pool before even deciding on the construction of a pool. Pool costs may vary based on the type of pool. Natural swimming pools are made using natural stones in order to give the effect of a pond or a lake. These pools can clean themselves and it is also possible to use a robot to clean it. Ready-made swimming pools can be above and below the ground level. These products offer the flexibility of size and they are budget-friendly when compared to other pools. Any surface impurity can be cleaned easily in overflow pools. A very common pool application, these pools are used in hotels and swimming classes as they eliminate any waves. The costs attached to the pools with filtering systems are lower in comparison.

What Changes the Cost of Pool Construction? 

The price of any pool will depend of the square meter of the pool. Your unit cost decreases as the area expends, however the total cost will increase anyways. Moreover, the intended use is important. The depth of children’s pools could be 50cm, while pools for adults may have a depth between 150cm to 2.00m. The depth increases to 250cm up to 3.20m if a diving platform is used. Pool pump, water pipes, interior and exterior lighting, ladder, pool cover, drainage, slides, and electronic parts are indispensable for a pool, and they will increase the cost. It is also important to clean the pool and obtain the cleaning equipment. Before having your pool constructed, make sure that you have a soil survey done and get your quote accordingly.

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