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Stages of Sauna Construction

Sauna Yapım Aşamaları

The health benefits of sauna are widely recognizes; it is known that sauna offers healing effect on rheumatism, sleep disorders, stress, depression, and many others. Çilek Pool Co., on the other hand, is a well-established firm known for the quality services it offers for sauna construction making people happy and healthy. Sauna construction is a wholesome process which requires attention to many details. Among the elements of a sauna are wooden wall panels, seating groups, sauna heater, and stones to be placed on the sauna heater.

Things to Consider Before Building a Sauna 

In the design phase, these are the things to consider before initiating the construction work:

Benches and lounges must be designed with respect to the size requirements. Their height and width must accommodate the intended use. Importance must be placed on sauna insulation and ventilation. Sauna door must be an outward-opening door. 

First, the floor and walls must be coated with plaster. Ceramic material will be used for the floor of a sauna keeping the cleaning of the room in mind and a drain is placed. Ventilation system is set with two openings on the walls, one behind the heater and the other on the ceiling, in order to ensure air circulation. A silicon lighting cable is installed for the sauna lighting using a switch placed on the outside of the sauna. After the infrastructure is completed, the wooden parts of the sauna are placed. Panels used in a sauna are generally made of spruce or pine trees. This will be followed by sauna insulation. 

Glass wool insulation with aluminium foil is preferred for sauna insulation. The insulation material must be of a quality resistant to temperatures up to 150 °C. The thickness of this aluminium material, on the other hand, is 0.03mm. After the insulation, the space is adorned with wooden elements. Wooden products must be attached to each other in an interlocking or spring-fit system. After these steps thee sauna cabin will be ready for use and sauna benches and backrests are placed.

Sauna Heater & Sauna Door 

Another stage of the sauna construction is the selection of the right sauna heater. Sauna heater serves for the main purpose of a sauna and it is an indispensable equipment. It is recommended to go for high capacity heaters for larger saunas and lower capacity heater for smaller sauna spaces. The use of lower-than-necessary capacity heaters will lead to delays in heating and increased energy consumption.

Sauna doors may be made of glass or custom wooden materials, as requested. Sauna doors shouldn’t have a lock mechanism. Sauna doors must be designed in a way to allow safe exit of the users. Nevertheless, you may customize your sauna selecting the sauna accessories of your liking from the options available. Our firm has a great track record in delivering satisfactory sauna construction projects. We deliver elegant, suitable, and modern saunas without compromising on comfort and aesthetics.

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