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Steam Room Construction Cost

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Steam Room Cost

Also known as Finnish bath, steam rooms are custom spaces distinguished from saunas for the purposes of relaxation and eliminating the toxins in the body; they come in ready-made or room construction options. When compared to a sauna, the temperature is below 45°C and the humidity is 0% and a steam generator is used to inject steam to the room. The cost of a steam room may vary depending on the quality of materials used and the volume of the room. Steam rooms for homes are installed to your bathroom using ready-made parts and necessary equipment. Moreover, it is also possible to dedicate a room in your home for this purpose, using marble, granite and ceramics for this purpose and some minor changes in the ceiling for ventilation and in the flooring with drainage ducts, all complete with a steam generator. 
Cost of Steam Room for Your Home
 The cost of a steam room varies depending on the materials selected for this purpose; in addition to heat and steam resistance, the materials must be of an easy to clean quality. Another important point is the arch of the ceiling which allows for condensed water to flow down to the drain. Glass mosaic, marble, acrylic, and PVC materials are commonly used for steam room panels. As they are easy to clean, easy to install and budget-friendly, PVC panels are suitable for this process. Acrylic is another material commonly used in ready-made steam rooms with their easy to clean and hygienic qualities, however, it adds to the cost. The ceiling of a steam room must be arched in order to allow for proper water circulation. 
Steam Room Cost Calculations 
  The size of steam generator used is as important as the steam room fittings. As steam rooms for homes will be used by a small number of people, a generator with lower capacity is preferable, while one or even more generators are used for public and social facilities. Another important point is the properties of the steam room door. Resistant to heat and temperature, chromium-plated doors are commonly used and they come with custom magnetic locking system and hinges. A survey should be performed before deciding on the total floor area of the steam room and the quality of the materials to be used as part of the calculation of the cost of a steam room
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