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Türk Hamamı Modelleri

Turkish bath is not only a sauna, but also a place for healthy, social and cultural activities. Although a Turkish bath has cleaning and washing as its main purposes, older Turkish baths were among the pillars of traditional Turkish culture. In addition to washing and cleaning oneself, Turkish baths (also known as hammam) had evolved architecturally and today there are several historical baths to visit and enjoy. In the old times, Turkish bath was an indispensable part of social life and it was a popular place to be for an enjoyable time. The term ‘Hammam’ has its roots in Arabic and Hebrew. The meaning is ‘washing, being purified.’

Architecture of Turkish Bath 

It is widely known that Turkish bath plays an important role in disease treatment and prevention. Although the very first Turkish baths may have inspired by Roman architecture, it has evolved to adopt the influence of Arabic architecture. Roman baths, on the other hand, weren’t either only for washing and bathing, they were commonly used for cultural and athletic activities.

Çilek Pool Co. offers a quality and perfect look in its Turkish bath designs with several different concepts used in Turkish bath models. Enjoy the feeling of being purified in an ambiance resembling the old times and fall in love with the impeccable architecture provided by Çilek Pool Co. 

Turkish bath models have common lines with the architecture of a mosque. An example of this is the domes used in Turkish baths. These domes are irreplaceable parts of Turkish baths and also the mosques. Bath basin is yet another traditional part of the Turkish bath. The history of these basins goes back to the Islam religion. According to Islam, one shall not use the water others bathed in, therefore, the water always flows from the faucets. 

Benefits of Turkish Bath 

Turkish bath models may include two types of water piping system, namely, hot spring water and artificially heated water. Hot springs are known for their healing powers. With the changing bathing habits of the day, we may be forgetting a very beneficial habit, but thanks to foreign tourists Turkish baths are once again becoming the center of attention. In addition to their cultural and enjoyable features, Turkish baths are very good for health. Bathing in a Turkish bath makes our skin glow,eliminates any impurities and toxins, and reduces stress and exhaustion. Çilek Pool Co. offers you this unique experience with its pool construction services. 

Following are the health benefits of Turkish baths: 

  • Reduces stress, relaxes muscles.
  • Relieves muscle and joint fever.
  • Reinforces the immune system.
  • Increases the circulation.
  • Prevents diseases.
  • Helps your skin regenerate and have a glossy look.
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